Digital service connects hydraulic power unit with the IoT

CytroConnect increases availability and reduces maintenance costs

CytroConnect provides the CytroBox hydraulic power unit with a digital service that increases availability and reduces maintenance costs

Contribute by : Geeta Viswanathan – With the new CytroBox generation of hydraulic power units, Bosch Rexroth connects fluid technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) as a standard feature – for maximum availability and lower maintenance costs. The CytroConnect software solution integrated into the unit uses sensors to monitor the main operating states and analyze them online. A dashboard shows maintenance technicians all the relevant parameters and provides important maintenance instructions. In addition to the Freemium basic module, machine manufacturers and users can add further digital service options, for example to receive error messages via push alerts or to use the data analyzed by artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance.

Just a tip of a finger on any mobile end device, and the maintenance technician can see the most important status data of the CytroBox at a glance: Performance and operating data, oil level, oil quality and temperature over time. The compact units automatically record this data, pre-process andsend it encrypted into a cloud. Using the browser-based interface, the technicians can wirelessly dial into the CytroConnect service and retrieve the data independently of their location, whether inside or outside the factory. This saves time and long distances.

As a plug & play solution that is already installed in the CytroBox, CytroConnect requires no additional installation effort. Rexroth provides the basic functions of the software free of charge in a Freemium model for all CytroBox power units. Machine manufacturers and end users can also book two additional options in the subscription model.

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The “Maintain” module reports errors rule-based as a push service, processes additional status information and provides maintenance instructions. The pre-implemented rules not only help the users, but also form the basis for the “Maintain” condition monitoring solution. The rules can even be adapted to individual requirements without programming. The “Predict” service package uses the machine learning algorithms of Rexroth’s Online Diagnostics Network (ODiN). Bosch Rexroth has integrated its hydraulic domain know-how into the software, and uses analysis algorithms to create a health index for the power unit. These analyses provide the building blocks for predictive maintenance concepts and thus maximum availability.

System builders, machine manufacturers and end users can integrate CytroConnect as a module into their own digital IoT maintenance concepts, and in this way use it as a complete solution for comprehensive condition monitoring.

With its intelligent and energy-efficient modular design, the newly designed CytroBox hydraulic power unit from Rexroth provides a new solution for the medium power range up to 30 kW. It requires 50% less installation space than conventional units, and with noise emissions of less than 75 dB(A) – even at full load – is particularly quiet. By integrating IoT technologies, it also paves the way for consistently implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

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