ALOK announces strategic partnership with Microban, for producing innovative solutions for Indian plastics industry

(Mr Amit Puri, Director, ALOK (left); Mr Vikram Bhadauria, Managing Director, ALOK (centre) shaking hands with Mr Giorgio Rimini, EMEA Managing Director, Microban)

‘Microban Powered’ masterbatches to revolutionize cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability of plastics used in packaging, healthcare and industrial sectors, by inhibiting microbial growth


ALOK, India’s leading masterbatch producer, announced their partnership with Microban, the global leader in antimicrobial and odor control technologies, for developing antimicrobial solutions for the Indian plastics industry, at K Show 2019.

Through this partnership, which is exclusively for Indian markets, ALOK and Microban will develop masterbatch products enhanced with antimicrobial properties, which will find application in day-to-day use plastic products such as water tanks, food packaging materials, and toys. Built-in Microban technology is proven to inhibit the proliferation of microbes on a treated surface by up to 99.99% and actively reduces the risk of premature product degradation for its expected lifetime.

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Speaking about the partnership, Mr Giorgio Rimini, EMEA Managing Director of Microban, said, “India is a strategic market for us, and we are delighted to partner with ALOK. With growing awareness about the hygiene, safety and sustainability of plastics in the Indian market, we see an excellent opportunity to introduce antimicrobial solutions that can help make plastics resistant to microbial growth. ALOK’s vast distribution network will help us reach even the remote corners of India.”

Speaking at the trade show, Managing Director of ALOK, Mr Vikram Bhadauria, said, “There couldn’t have been a more exciting time for us to announce our partnership with Microban, than here at K Show 2019. Microban’s antimicrobial technologies, coupled with ALOK’s deep understanding of the Indian plastics industry, will enable us to cater to the evolving needs of the customers and further our mission of ADDING GOOD to the plastics industry.”

“The Indian antimicrobial additives market is expected to witness significant demand from the healthcare, food & beverage, and packaging sectors in the years to come. Partnering with Microban will allow us to deliver high-quality, consistent masterbatches enhanced with antimicrobial technology to Indian markets – in time, on time”, said Mr Amit Puri, Director, ALOK.

This newly forged partnership, which is built on a foundation of product innovation, scientifically-proven technologies, and manufacturing excellence, will pave a way for ALOK and Microban to combine strengths and deliver high-performing antimicrobial solutions across India.

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